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My name is Rob den Braber and I’ve been in IT since 1999. The first couple of years I was an OpenVMS system manager for a diversity of companies. After getting my first RedHat Linux (3) Certification in 2004 I changed to being a Linux sysadmin. For a large Dutch bank I’ve created the linux infrastructure for running the complete Oracle stack.

My former assignment, at another Dutch bank, was automating the rollout of virtual machines on Oracle hardware with help of Ansible.

Currently I’m at a Fintech startup, where we are creating the infrastructure to run a multibank platform.

In 2014 at the RedHat Summit, I found out about Docker and wrote a couple of blogposts about it:

Most of the things I learned and got certified for are done by self-study. Nowadays a lot of good courses can be found online.

When I’m not automating, I like to run (half marathons), snowboard and travel.

Recent Certifications


Microsoft Azure


Red Hat

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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You can download my latest Resume here.